People reach private investigators for several personal reasons. From investigation of cheating spouse to background verification of future would be, the role of private investigator is everywhere. The matrimonial investigation is the common and most sensitive services for which private detectives are hired. Due to social media platforms and mobile phones people are suffering from emotional distress of cyber infidelity and suspicion of their partners cheating on them.

Do you have doubt that your partner might be involved in intimate relationship outside the marriage? Or you are worried about the background of your future life partner? Then, you have every right to investigate the matter. You can hire a private investigator to clear your doubts. They specialize in all range of matrimonial investigation services. If you hire the right private investigation services, they will give you reports on your partners phone bills, dialled and received calls and online history of all the conversations happened. Once you are able to find a matrimonial investigation company they will provide you with details of their services. There are two major matrimonial investigation services –

Pre matrimonial Investigation

It is the investigation about the background and past of your future would. If you met your life partner through social networking sites or matrimonial websites, then it becomes essential to be sure of the past of your would be.  With Pre matrimonial investigation services, you can have complete information of family, educational background, social reputation and fidelity of the person you are planning to get married.

 This type of investigation many times saves the life of the people, from getting married to a wrong person. Many times through personal investigation criminal records such as frauds and scams also comes up. It is must to opt for matrimonial investigation.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

It involves investigation after married. If you doubt extra-marital affair of your husband of wife, then post matrimonial investigation services can prove out to be useful. It solves your matrimonial woes in many ways. You will be provided with evidences and proofs through the investigation, which will serve helpful to cross question your partner. This type of investigation involves complete tracking of your spouse by means of surveillance, opening up phone chats and other social media conversations.

 You may be sure of infidelity by your partner; however hearsay will not stand in front of law. The court demands proofs. A matrimonial investigation team will help you with all the aspects of law, in case you partner is found guilty.  An experienced and trained detective will help you with the entire divorce case and other legal matter.

Putting it all together –

You will find numerous organisation providing matrimonial investigation services. Make sure to research beforehand what sort of results and investigation you require. Be clear on the cost and time involved in the investigation. The Pre matrimonial investigation services as well as the post matrimonial investigation are sensitive subject of investigation. Therefore choose First Indian Detective Agency that honours your privacy and keeps the matter of investigation professional