When you loved someone whole heartedly, it hurts to see that person on roads of adultery. As they say, All is fair in love and war. So, you have every right to conduct for private investigation on the your partner.

Why Love Affair Investigation?

Love Affair Investigation services helps to confirm or find out whether or not the person is being part of adultery or not.  They will shadow the subject in concern to confirm whether or he / she is having love affair. A highly professional and qualified detective will trace and watch each movement, meetings and contacts of the suspect. Every step is followed with confidentiality without suspect to know about the investigation. The detectives are trained experts who put every effort together to acquire evidence in the form of photos, videos and others reports.

Detective agency can help you following manner

  1. Recording the person’s meetings
  2. Social gatherings Photo, audio/video recording
  3. Recording details of the person’s visit
  4. Tracing the suspected person’s contact
  5. Shadowing the person

Shadowing Technique of Adultery Investigation

The shadowing techniques are used under loyalty test. The detective agents use latest gadgets and advanced GPS tracking and photographic evidence. The high tech vehicles and undercover techniques are utilized altogether to track the activity of the suspect. This gives you comprehensive and factual information about the involvement in adultery. Inconspicuous techniques are used for surveillance. This doesn’t make the subject slightest apprehensive about being scrutinized by private investigator.

Putting it all together

To check the loyalty and faith of the partner is not as easy as it may seem. It is difficult to watch the every move of your partner. If your partner is aware of it can further cause trouble in your relationship. Therefore, you need help of someone who is professional in loyalty test conduction. Detective agency in Faridabad have the expertise in the field of adultery investigation. So opt for professional love affair investigation by detective agency.