The wedding bells are just around the corner you are excited making arrangement for your wedding. However, before taking a plunge into arrange marriage system, have you thought of verifying the background of person you are thinking of planning your future?

In India there is a rising awareness of the need to conduct a background check before arranged marriages. Earlier conducted by relatives and close family members, today you can opt for professional pre-matrimonial back-ground verification service. Various professional investigation agencies offer comprehensive services that include – Financial, educational and personal back ground check services.

What is Pre-matrimonial Background verification service?

A background verification offers comprehensive check on the credentials of any one. The purpose is to verify the genuineness of the declarations made by an person on his or her character and identity. If your are getting married in arranged set up, fixed by the elders of your family, then you might want to conduct a background check.

Why there is a need of Background Check in arranged Marriage?

Marriage is a lifelong bond.  Before moving toward the inside into this bond, both partners should be fully sure about each other’s characters, credentials, and individual particulars. An arranged marriage background check is the most excellent way to your future does not turn into a nightmare. You don’t wish to see yourself with someone with a lot of baggage therefore, you may find below points reasonable to go for background check before marriage.  

  1. Debt Traps and dowry:

    In India Dowry is still existing. At times, men run up in huge debts and they think of getting married in a family above then their financial status as a solution to their financial problems. Hence an back ground check in arrange marriage can help to unearth financial information pertaining to the prospective bride / groom.

  2. Abusive behavior:

    People with the past of sexual abuse or violence often get married to put up a reputable front in the society. Such people hide their nightmarish past which can cause problem post marriage. Hence it is important to ascertain to go for background check whether your partner has a shady background.

  3. Criminal record:

    It is shameful after marriage if you would come to know of your partner’s name is running through police files. The background verification service ascertain whether he / she has a criminal record of any type.

  4. Previous divorces of children:

    Many times people they found out after marriage that their partner was already married. Hence if you wish to know the truth before marriage on divorce records are public documents, the Pre matrimonial background Investigation can help you easily access them.

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