It is very unfortunate when any of the married couples had to face a situation of their spouse cheating on them. You might try to connect on the emotional level but nothing worked for you. Then you thought to put together a list of suspicious activities and even after your snooping around there is still no proof of cheating. However, you have a strong feeling that something is definitely wrong; in such circumstances, you can trust Private Detective Agency India. No need to suffer in misery alone, it is a job of a professional to dig deeper to unearth the truth regarding your partner has changed behavior.

Here are the ways in which a professional detective Agency can help you:

  1. Surveillance and shadowing
  2. Kidnapping and missing persons cases
  3. Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
  4. Character and background verification
  5. Financial Cons and Fraud detection
  6. Misuse of Corporate Assets
  7. Theft of trade secrets
  8. Divorce Case investigation Services
  9. Thefts, robberies and extortion
  10. Property related verification

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

Private Detectives are the experts in what they do are digging evidence. They have the right investigation skills and tools to perform investigation and gadgets for tracking and surveillance. With these skills, you can trust them and share your personal problem. With exemplified experience they can also give you the right advice, maybe then there might not be the need of perfuming complete investigation.


If your motive for catching a dishonest spouse is to collect authenticated evidence to be used in a court case, then hiring a Detective Agency in Ghaziabad is the best reliable option. They understand the law and constitution because in such matters legal advice is extremely essential. Moreover, they can help to minimize the risk of following a legal action.