Smita had been spending most of her time chatting online. She was in a relationship with a boy whom she met online. Without knowing much about him she decided for the lifelong relationship. Everything was done in hustle as they had plans to move abroad after marriage. But suddenly one-day things changed completely as she came to know that it was all a marriage fraud.

Use Matrimonial Investigation for a Happy Matrimony

When to go for pre-matrimonial investigation?

We often come to know about the cases related to marriage fraud. One reason pre-matrimonial investigations have grown in India is that these days’ marriages are being fixed through the internet.

Earlier it was all parents and relatives who knew eligible girls and boys and would fix up their matches. These days their many online fraudsters who go for fake marriages and then get away. You need to be vigilant when you are looking for a life partner as you may come across a person with a false profile.

Families want to assure that the person chosen for their boy or girl is genuine and not a fraudster. While pre-matrimonial investigations are being popular, the case of post-wedding disputes is also increasing.

Why should you opt for post-matrimonial investigation?

Divorce rates in India are on the rise. When relationships become ugly and head to the courts, both parties seek evidence to back up their claims, which often revolve about extramarital affairs. Getting proper evidence to support your fact become necessary when you claim for divorce.

Private Detectives can also help you in cases related to a cheating spouse, adultery, extra marital affairs. If you feel you are being cheated then take help of the detectives to find out the exact truth. The best way to find whether your partner is cheating on you is by using the method of surveillance. Surveillance makes each and every doubt clear by getting details about places visited, friend circle, habits, etc. Private investigators also provide evidence to help you to prove your point. They also expertise cases related to child custody. Therefore choose detectives at right time to find out the real truth.

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