Riya would have never thought that her marriage would take such a drastic turn. Being college friends and in relationship for a year, she easily agreed to Arun’s proposal for marriage. Everything went well for few months but after some time Riya saw a different side of Arun. He was very short tempered earlier but now he used to shout at every small thing. Soon the shouting turned in physical violence and Riya’s life had become a hell now. She was not able to bear any more and decided to get a divorce from Arun.

Every person wants life a “happily ever after” but only lucky one’s gets the life like a bed of roses. A proper understanding is very much essential in a relationship. When it comes to husband wife relation, trust and faith are important key elements it must have. Now days we often come to know about cases of divorce, infidelity, physical abuse, dowry, second marriage. All such cases arise when there is improper understanding. It is rightly said that “It’s not diamonds and flowers that make a marriage, but the little things and small, simple steps over time that yield bigger, happier results”. Visit also about best detective agency in Delhi for free consultation


What things you should know about your life partner before marrying?

You must know about the career objective as some people give more priority to their career than relationships. Also you must know about each other’s spending habits. Whether you want children and when is important question that must be known. One also needs to know about his or her partner’s immediate family. You should be aware about family background. One should also try to tell about your past relationships and should not try to hide something as it may spoil your relationship later. Life partners should also know about how they respond in a stressed situation. Things like future plans, each other’s living habits, hobbies, there opinion on different subjects. One should also keep in mind to tell about their bad qualities.

What are consequences of marrying a wrong kind person?

Your life may turn into a hell if you choose wrong kind of person. Divorce, infidelity, physical abuse, dowry, second marriage, affairs are some of the bad consequences.

How to know the real identity of person you are marrying?

Personal Detectives is the answer to your entire question. You can hire them and find each and every detail about your life partner which includes job, affair, medical history, disability, debt, education, addictions, social standing, and conduct. Detective Agencies understand the risks and dangers involved with marriages without familiarity between the parties involved. People should always prefer to go for pre matrimonial investigation before it is too late and so that they do not regret later on. First Indian Detective Agency is the best answer to all your solution.